Friday, January 22, 2010

John Tortorella - Post Game - Worth Watching


  1. Rangers announcers and Torts are all on crazy pills. Gaborik dropped his gloves first, of course Carcillo is gonna attack. C'mon already. Torts knows that, he's just trying to inject some much needed life into his team for when they play the Flyers. I respect Avery for being the only Ranger to try and do something about it and more than holding his own against Carcillo (though not Hartnell). Can't believe I wrote that.

    Real story is the Flyers dominance of the Rangers yet again. 6 straight periods of shutout hockey. I like how they rubbed it in by letting the Rangers score once the game ended!

    At least the Penguins lost, we can all be happy about that.

  2. Gaborik being targeted and pulled away from a scrum and then receiving a gloved punch by a middleweight with a history for suckerpunching players (4 game suspension /matt bradley)... I'm sure Gabby just couldn't wait to get his gloves off and attack someone and notch his SECOND nhl fight. Well thank God in heaven Carcillo was able to get of that preemptive strike before Gabby unleashed a fury on him that might have caused devastation the likes which we have never seen! (I heard the closest unit of measurement might only be estimated in bags of kittens or maybe in half clubbed baby seals).
    Oh thank god they let us score at the end of the game. Only in the dreams have most players in the NHL, have they thought about getting lucky enough to get a 5 on 3 and catch a break on a double deflection and squeezing one past a sure hall of famer like Emery....

    Flygirl fans are about as bad as the juvey rejects they have sporting their construction orange jerseys and picking fights with top 4 players and non scrappers and trying to boost their rep on it. It could have nothing to do with the other team's scoring or fact that that the person singled out by their fighter, is a finesse player. It all must be irrelevant anyway, because noone could hope to match their greatness anyway... which explains how that hired thug/broadstreet bully mentality has been winning them all those cups since 75.
    No disrespect as a fellow writer on this site, but as Filthadelphia fan, your comment had to be addressed.

  3. NO problem J. I like your take on the Carcillo/Gabby "fight." Carcillo is a thug of course, but I think you give him too much credit to sneak Gabby away and goat him into the fight. Best not to drop the glove next time Gabby, there's lesson #1. Maybe get a big guy on your line so this doesn't happen again Torts?

    Sure, the Flyers are brutes, and we love them for it. We like football and hockey, not broadway. And we have a Cup drought as a result. It is a tough trade-off. One Cup in the last 58 years isn't much to talk about either, clearly both financially successful teams need a better style if a Cup is the goal.

    I'll leave y'all be. 6 scoreless periods and counting...

  4. That last bit hurt FDA...

    Ironically, the tough talking play-or-be-benched John Tortorella has assembled -- with the exception of a washed up and IR Brashear -- a finesse team, built on speed and offense. We are not the Rangers of 70's built to give back to the Broad Streeters and get pumped because of it. In Philly the team philosophy has been built on 'hitting', which gives them a physical advantage...the blue-collar, or maybe something in the water -- they believe in hitting and fucking like it. These 2010 Rangers could use a little more of this, I'll admit.

    Carcillo is a hitman and even Phoenix didn't want him any longer. Chris Pronger was brought on to be a deterrent and a major fist-threat, but Philly is using little assassins to do the dirty work and protect their investment in your Poster Boy Pronger. :)

    Our Rangers were outplayed beginning the second period last night, but momentum was built on cheap shot artistry. Excuses? Maybe. It's the nature of the game. So you won a couple in a row? It is safe to say that the Rangers have owned Philly a couple of seasons in a row, so take this FDA and fellow Flyers lemmings, two games proud, so commence bragging rights. We never rubbed it in the last two seasons when you lost 10,000 season ticket

    Enjoy the win. We'll remind you of this moment.


  5. Anonymous,
    I don't really sweat Hartnell. He's a stooge with a hairband mullet. He likes to throw his weight around, but he's hardly the gutless punk with malicious intent that Carcillo is. Apparently there's a mystery douche training facility somewhere deep in the philly ghetto (yeah, I know philly ghetto is being pretty vague and redundant) that does an intensive douche boot camps for philly players. Some of their proud graduates include the esteemed Carcillo, Steve Downey and have even given douche scholarships to the underpriveledged non philly players. You didn't think Danton was in prison all this time, did you?


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