Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What It Means To Be A Fan

While word spreads of the 'Fire Glen Sather' rally at The Garden (see post below) I simply ask.  Is there is something in the air?

The fans have known it for years.  The number of  loyal DARKreaders and new folks who visit this site every day have more than doubled from last season, which is a result of  'fans wanting CHANGE from a losing team.' 

The country collectively got a candidate named Barack Obama into the President's seat, so maybe this little rally is a small microcosm of the same political power of the people.  One can only hope.  The Dark Ranger will be there.

We are tired of the 'spoon fed' hockey goo shoved down our throats, the rising ticket prices, good loyal paying season-ticket holders who are stuck with tickets that nobody wants, allowing non-season ticket holders to pay money to be 'THE OFFICIAL FANS OF BLUESHIRT UNITED offering perks and events that season-ticket-holders do not have access to, and the rag-tag assembled teams that  never have more than a season to gel as a team, which might explain why we don't have any consistency as a franchise.

Tell us how things will change this year or the next.  Maybe the following is a start...

Things will change when we don't purchase the playoff tickets if they make it.

Things will change when we don't renew our seats for 2011.  

Things are already changing with the empty and unpaid-for corporate seats, and next year will be worse.  

Things will change when we stop listening to Joe & Sam.  

Our only leverage is to walk away from our commitment to you.  

Even iPhone application developers have created a FAN MISERY INDEX APPLICATION for the New York Rangers, which is one of the most depressing gadgets I've seen in a while.  The site outlines:

The Rangers Index App chronicles the day-to-day exploits of the Rangers – a team that has a fanatical fan base of historic proportions.  It’s more than just an interest – it’s an abiding fascination, skipping over into love. An obsession passed from generation to generation. It’s painful, bordering on ridiculously painful at times. It makes the heart pump and adrenaline flow. But, no matter what happens on or off the ice, your passion is renewed each and every time you even think about a game at the Garden.  A unique set of statistics, opinions, and news provides you with insight into what is going on with the Rangers – on and off the ice – and your level of misery or bliss – as a Rangers fan.
It's not quite the iPad announcement from this afternoon, but depending on the level of abuse you can take as a Blueshirts' fan (watching the games are enough for me) try out the app and let us know if this is something we should all get to make ourselves feel better.

Maybe change will come in the form of a win tonight!!?

Anyway, I love our team.  That is what it means to be a fan.  You can like Glen Sather or you can despise the guy.  Maybe you like a losing team.  Who cares?  But I think (and the readers of DARK) feel someone needs to be held accountable for these post-lockout Blues, fellow Blueshirts.  I say we start with Slats!  You?

See you at the rally.



  1. You could post your "spoon fed" paragraph on the front door to the arena just like Martin Luther did hundreds of years ago.

    You have published the Ranger Fans Manifesto and to that I say, hear, hear!

  2. Tonight was horrible. Things will change. I second your call to rally. Enough. Enough. Enough.

  3. Thanks Tony. Maybe the official Ranger Fans' Manifesto is coming, especially after tonight's delicious performance.


  5. Please kill me now. The rangers stuck up the joint vs Carolina. I want my money back.

  6. thats right, the only time a business makes changes is when they see a decline in revenue....also if there market share of viewers goes down on over priced cable stations

  7. Great writing - you really nailed it. The iPhone App you mentioned - the Rangers Index App - is a great idea - pretty cool and definitely worth $2.99 - but, I'm a fan. I always have been and I always will be. I also grabbed the Yankees and Giants Football Index Apps. The Yankees fan misery index today is 1.6! Better days will come for Rangers fans!

  8. I'll check out the fanmisery app...thanks Peter Pan. I'll check it out...i need something to toy with during these games...



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