Wednesday, January 20, 2010



HOLY SH….*deep breath* Hot Damn, Ranger fans. Who’d have thunk it. Fo r the second game in a row, we score over five. This time at the expense of those cabana boys from Tampa Bay.

Now, I’m not a stats guys but even I can’t contain a smile when looking at the numbers. See for yourself with the official recap.

Sixteen different Rangers registering at least one point over 3 periods, punctuated the stunning performance in front of a ecstatic Garden Faithful (and the first meeting between the The Dark Ranger's scribes) hoping to stretch the stomping of Montreal beyond Sunday’s game. The first surreal period started quickly with a Voros taking on the PIM league leader, Konopka in a lively scrap that got the crowd into it quickly and got the ball rolling on a ride that wouldn’t end for 60 min.

In contrast to many games past where seemingly no Ranger wanted to step up, there were several players tonight that all in their own way, put the team on their backs and carried us to victory. With the first goal of the game, Dubinsky would take his first part of the his Gordie Howe Hat-trick. The assists would come from two players that had their own missions. Marian Gaborik getting his first of 4 assists on the night and Vinny Prospal who would continue his Vendetta against the Tampa team that bought him out and cast him aside just months earlier. As the goals rolled forth, each with more surprise, bewildered Blueshirt fans looked skyward toward the jumbotron in amazement as the names exploded with the spontaneity and spectacle of a fireworks display on the Hudson.

The noise came booming over the loud speakers, “RANGERS GOAL, HIS # of the season SCORED BY CHRIS DRURY; ...DAN GIRARDI; …ENVER LISIN; …AARON VOROS; …MARC STAAL; …CHRISTOPHER HIGGINS” . With each name and assist announcement, the faces flashed across the screen, the cheers reached deafening levels and the faith grew and blue hearts swelled with pride. After a second fight with Malone gave Voros less to celebrate and Dubinsky got the better of Halpern to complete his Howe hatter, the minutes would wind down and we clamored for more and when it was all over a deep cleansing breath could be heard across the stands, as we not only survived another game, but we commanded a win for the second time in a row and rather than be surprised at ourselves… the team reaffirmed that its how things should be and further distanced themselves from the fluke accusations after the Montreal game.

So how good were we? Better than good enough. Granted, the wilting Tampa Bay defense may have fallen by the wayside, early… but amazingly as it sounds, this was not a game of goals. This, much like the come back win over the Habs was bout the passion. Good things happen, when this team shows up ready to defend their home and each other. For some, maybe its superstition… Henrik’s white liberty helmet design is 2 for 2 and got its mojo working. I’ll chalk it up to some scoring allowing the King to kick back and little and play more relaxed… even though he’s been stellar even when the scoring was scarce. The point is everyone will find their own reason for the improved play. I’ll take whatever works for each player and keeps it going. Can we stretch this beyond 2 games? I’ll go out a limb and say we can carry this all the way to the Olympic break. We’ve done it before. The challenge is to carry it through the Olympic break and not come back cold. Ok, I maybe getting ahead of myself here (can you blame me? 14 fckin goals in 2 games!!!!) Ok, instead I’ll end this one by jotting down some notes and observations about our winning formula over the past 2 games.

- The passion. – Start early. Take advantage of opportunities to collect yourselves and regroup. Screaming at a player. Screaming back at a coach. Its all constructive criticism, right? Take it and do something with it.
- Don’t be afraid to step out of your role. Handle your business and then don’t be afraid to chip in and handle somebody else's. There are many sides to a hockey player and even more to a New York Ranger. Knowing/Showing only one of them doesn’t make you either.
- The Mystery fighter. First Redden, then Dubinsky...Who makes a stand today on behalf of every player that won't? You can’t win them all and as long as you’re not fighting for yourself, your teammates will never let you feel like you lost em all either. Just ask Voros.
- Guard your goalie. Defenseman is a position but DEFENSE is a responsibility of every player.
- Let the players play. They have to discover who they are before they’ll believe who the coach says they’re not.


- J_Undisputed


  1. Jay --

    Brilliant recap and analysis starting with the picture and continuing for the remainder of the post.

    BTW, if LeCavalier wants to play for NY, don't you think he would have perhaps tried more yesterday. It's hard to when your team is being totally outclassed but he was invisible. Perhaps the Ranger players were sending a message to management that they can handle things.

    Thursday's game should be something. Let's hope the upswing lasts to the Olympics.

  2. Dark Ranger scribers UNITE! Couldn't have said it better myself J. Nice recap -- now how do you bottle up that Garden energy in a bottle? Wow...that is what keeps me coming back to the Garden. A real treat. Tomorrow against Philly is a big game, and a much awaited big response to the last time 'round.



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