Sunday, January 24, 2010

Confidence Officially Lost!

 NYR 0 / Montreal 6

Could we possibly say anything that we haven't already said, you haven't already read or, more importantly, can anything/anyone provide any stability to a team that hasn't figured out what it wants to be when it grows up?  Herein lies the story of the New York Rangers.

The abomination of a game last night against the Montreal Canadiens exemplified a team that is much like a 100-year old house, rather than franchise -- one desperately in need of renovation, some new plumbing, and a complete internal makeover.  The team is slowly falling apart by the beams, a little crack here and there, and now the weathered Rangers are looking around to see why the roof is caving in.  The house of MSG is an eye sore. 

The Rangers were shut-out for the second straight game and for the fourth time in seven contests.  The Rangers have been outscored 8-0 in their two latest losses after winning their previous two by a combined score of 14-4.  Previously mentioned last post, after two huge wins taking the Canadiens 6-2 last week followed by an 8-2 drubbing of the Tampa Bay Lightning, I think many of us fans were believing that this Rangers team may be turning a corner and a winning streak was foreshadowed.  After a physically limp performance against Philly on Thursday night and now a publicly humiliating undressing in front of the Montreal fans last night, as Rangers fans we find ourselves sitting in the shitter once again -- on that roller  coaster that never goes higher than the drops.  At least when you pay for an amusement park, you generally always get what you pay for.

Here's the horrendous recap (if you are a sick, perverted fan).
Here are John Tortorella's post-game remarks.
Here is a picture of Wade Redden's wedding, to remind us that he's really just a family man and a good guy. 

I think we can all say with certainty that our team has lost their confidence -- coach Tortorella has lost faith in just about everyone on the squad, which potentially puts him at risk for 'how long can Torts sustain' this level of accountability to his players and at what point will the players turn around and blame the coach.   Time will show.  Who else can you blame when you're stuck with Redden, Rozsival, and Chris Drury contracts? 

Goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist is not to blame.  He was let down by his defenders.  Pulled after three goals, Matt Zaba debuted as a New York Ranger and played well.  Not well enough as three-goals were to follow.  Again, the D-sucked the biggie.

Pest Sean Avery was probably one of three players that actually worked harder than any last night, along with his CRASHmates Brian Boyle and Aaron Voros;  Ryan Callahan continues to work harder than anyone around him, our D-men were nothing but disappointing begging for the MSG brass to trade away one of our bloated Redden-Rozzy contracts (plus Dubinsky, etc) for a blueliner such as Sheldon Souray or Dion Phaneuf to provide stability to our blueline.   Dan Girardi and Rozzy were horrible last night.  If they can convince one of these veterans that NYC and the MSG-first-class treatment is enough to play for a hopeless team, more power to them....because SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE.  

For those reading this blog for the first time, note that this is a nice post after what we've lived through this season, so rest up readers of Blue, an easy team named the Pittsburgh Penguins await us tomorrow night at the Garden --- not a test of whether or not this is a turning point, but a test of scoring a goal and avoiding another shut-out.  We don't expect to win at this point, but only to survive.  At least we spend our evenings supporting Blue with low expectations --- because when they win, we begin to take back a little of that belief system we crave every time they deliver.
Happy Sunday and LET'S GO "J"....."E"....."T"....."S"...........JETS!!!



  1. So much for your Jets...

  2. I am glad I did not see Gomez score.

    I am trying to think why last year's team was so much more competitive. I think a lot has to be blamed on the total loss of the 4th line. The Rangers have not replaced that line yet. Last year, you knew who was on that line and who would lead the PK unit. This year, almost anyone ends up on the 4th line. That's ridiculous. How many times was Orr, Betts or Sjostrom a healthy scratch? Primarily it was Prucha (stupid Renney) and Voros.

    Bad team constructed by Sather. Bad idea by Torts to insist on Brashear instead of the loyal, hard-working Orr.

  3. Exactly, Tony... Last year, the fourth line was an assignment for defensive specialty. This year its a prison sentence.

    Torts circulates players through the fourth for detention, like Renney used to circulate first line centers, looking for offense.


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