Sunday, January 31, 2010

Olli, Olli, Um Come Blue??? (UPDATED)

from TSN,
Sources tell TSN the New York Rangers and Calgary Flames are expected to announce a trade tonight that will send Calgary centre, Olli Jokinen to the Rangers in exchange for Ales Kotalik and either Chris Higgins or rookie defenceman, Matt Gilroy.
TRADING AWAY OUR FUTURE?......Kotalik we understand, but Gilroy - our Hobie Award Winner Future for an under-delivering Center?  Truth is Jokinen may be the only legitimate CENTER on the roster at this point in the season.....the Flames have been waiting for Olli to deliver for two seasons now....will being in NYC be any different?

Keep checking in with Greg W. of Puck Daddy, who is following the story -- and if such a trade happens, he poses 'how will it affect the Fire Sather Rally, when such a trade at this time delivers another Scott Gomez-like Jedi salary dump for the tired, old GM...???.  Go here for the usual and trustworthy Yahoo update.

Here we as usual.  I think we won this trade if we can send Kotalik and Higgins for Olli and Prust from the Calgary Flames.  I hope that Sather and Co. will hold on to our future and trade the dead-weight.   What do you think?


via Sportsnet,
The Flames and Rangers are working out a deal that would send centre Olli Jokinen and left winger Brandon Prust to New York in exchange for centre Chris Higgins and right-winger Ales Kotalik. Sources told Sportsnet the deal is pending approval from Kotalik who has a limited no-trade clause in his contract.
Kotalik’s limited no-trade clause lists three teams he can not be traded to without his permission and Calgary is one of them.
The deal is not expected to be completed until late Monday morning at the earliest.



  1. You are the MAN, Dark. Late nite with the kids asleep and I checked in unable to sleep to find this. I give it a WIN. Olli and marian on the same line will make points for the unscoring Blue-heads. Though a win tonight gives a 1-2 on the west coast trip. Next LA. Let's go new Rangers!

  2. This would be a garbage trade. why not just get back Gomez to make us a better team again?

  3. Apparently, Kotalik has a limited no trade clause -- with restrictions on 3 cities that he will not go to, one of them being Calgary, so....

    the deal is not done, but should get worked out today. stay tuned...

  4. this does little more than unload some cap space. prust is a better pick u p than olli, if only because it means brash has no cause to ever play in a blueshirt again.

  5. YAAAWWWWWWN!!!!!!! It's like a band aid on a broken leg. Does anyone even trust this fatneck mad man Sather to make any good moves?? I mean this is the same guy who gave Kotalik 3 years 9 mill in the first place. Up and down, we are fans of one of the most inept organizations in pro sports.

  6. Agree on all counts fellas, but we got something for nothing in this trade. At the very worst, we dumped serious salary cap for next year if Olli doesn't deliver and/or re-sign.

    What no one is asking, though, is where is that STUD on the blueline we need??? that's the trade that needs to take place. Too little on the blueline these days...sit Redden and pull through on the blueliner with guts.


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